We have now setup a new affiliate program that would allow your organization to earn 25% commission on all of your organizations sales of our book. 

Our book currently sells for $3.99 so your organization would earn right at $1.00 for each sale.

If your organization would be interested in taking advantage of this unique fund raiser please fill out the below form and submit it to us for consideration. All infortmation submitted to us along with your non-profit status will be reviewed. 


It is very important that all information submitted in the form be accurate. 

Links submitted below for your Facebook page, website and other website are the sites that we are approving to have the link we provide you to our book posted on. 

Once we receive your submission we will promptly review it and if approved send you a link back to sign up your affiliate account.  It will ask for your email account and have you create a password. 

We will be notified once you have setup your account and approve it.  Once approved you will need to log back in and setup your paypal account where your earnings from your sales will be deposited.  You will also be provided a unique link to setup on your Facebook page and websites.

Once that is complete you should reach out to all your followers asking them help your organization by purchasing the book utilizing your link.  
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