Below are the5 Diary Entries to be used to draw the pictures for the Young Artist Contest / Fundraiser.  
Dear Diary,                                                           7/5

I was so scared last night.  There were loud bangs and pops coming from the sky all around us.   Every time they would stop and it would seem like it was over, it would soon start again.  I could tell my boy wanted to go outside to watch the sky burn but he saw me shaking and trying to hide under the sofa so he stayed with me instead.

As my boy was holding me he was talking to me, trying to tell me what all this was about. Though I couldn’t understand his words, his voice was soft and kind as he was telling me something about:   “No need to be scared. Fourth of July, Independence Day, Fireworks.”  I love my boy.

We eventually fell asleep sometime while Truck Man and Big Bag Lady were still outside.  I woke up when I heard the door open and Big Bag Lady came into the living room where we were sleeping on the couch and woke my boy up.  “Time for you to go to bed Bobby.”

Truck Man spoke up: “You stayed in here with that dog and missed all the fireworks Bobby.”   My boy stretched and yawned before replying: “I know dad.  Millie was scared and I didn’t want to leave her alone.”

“It’s ok Bobby, Millie will be a little older and she may not be afraid of the fireworks next year.  You can watch them with your dad then.  Now.  Off to bed with you two.“  Big Bag Lady replied before Truck Man could say something else.

The next morning after we got up and ate breakfast we found Big Bag Lady outside picking up all kinds of trash and burnt paper in our yard and putting it into a garbage can.  My boy and I did our best to try and help.  My boy would pick up a piece of paper and wave it at me.  I would then run over and do my best to grab the paper out of his hand and run away with it.  I saw Big Bag Lady watch us for a few minutes before she eventually told us to go play so that she could finish up. 

My boy and I ran down to the woods and I followed him as he ran between the trees.  He would stop and circle around some of them. I didn’t understand what he was doing at first for he would run behind a tree and then slowly peek his head out looking for me before ducking back behind the tree if he saw me looking his way.  Once I saw him do this a few times I would run after him and he would run to another tree and do the same thing.  After a little bit I caught on to the game he was playing and using my nose to follow his scent I found him every time.  He just laughed as he tried to hide from me and we played like that the rest of the morning.

Eventually Big Bag Lady called for us to come eat.  While I was eating out of my special food bowl I heard my boy telling Big Bag Lady that we were playing hide and seek.
Dear Diary,                                                     3/18

Today is the worst day of my life. 

Earlier this morning my family left to go somewhere and left me locked in the house by myself.  After awhile I really had to go potty but couldn’t get outside to do it like my boy had taught me to.   I paced back and forth hoping my boy would show up and take me outside to do my business but he didn’t. 

“Please boy come home.  Please, I really have to go bad.  Please, Please, Please come let me out.” I held it in as long as I could before I went to the door and did my business.  I really felt bad about it but I just couldn’t hold it any longer.

A little while later my family got home and came into the house.  Big Bag Lady found my mess and yelled for my boy to come clean it up.  My boy reached down and patted my head saying that it was ok.  Then as he was cleaning it up Truck Man walked in and saw it and yelled: “What the %*&% did that dog do?”  

I didn’t know what was being said or going on but I knew it wasn’t good.  I could sense that Truck Man was mad at me, so I tucked my tail and tried to hide under the table.  Though I didn’t understand the words I heard Big Bag Lady say: “It’s ok honey.  Bobby forgot to let her out before we left so.”  Then Truck Man yelled: “No it’s not ok!” Cutting Big Bag Lady off.   “We are not going to have a %*&% dog that messes in the house.” He continued as he reached under the table and grabbed me.  

I was so scared that I started yelping for my boy.  Then Truck Man held me in his hands as he bent over.  He then wiped my nose in my mess a few times before straightening back up and smacked my backside a couple times as he yelled at me saying something about no dog is going to mess in his house. 

I was so scared that I started yelping and trying to get away as all this was going on and I could tell by my boy was trying to stick up for me and convince Truck Man that it wasn’t my fault but Truck Man wasn’t hearing any of it as he stomped out the door carrying me towards the barn.  

Once in the barn Truck Man pulled out a piece of rope and tied one end to my collar and the other end of it to a post.  Afterwards he started yelling at me again but I was too scared to look up at him.  Instead I ran and hid under a workbench that was within reach of my rope.   Truck Man yelled some more before he stomped back off towards the house.  

I don’t know how long I stayed hidden under the workbench but it soon became dark and cold.  After a while I became hungry and thirsty and I missed my boy so much.  I was so lonely and scared that I began barking for him to come get me but no one came.  Eventually I got tired and did my best to make a little bed for myself in the hay lying around on the floor and eventually went to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning my boy was sitting beside me crying as he petted me and telling me that it will be okay.  A short while later Big Bag Lady came up and knelt down beside my boy.  She had my water and food bowl with her and placed them down in front of me.  I was so thankful for my water and began drinking it as soon as she set it down.

I watched as my boy leaned his head against Big Bag Lady and began crying again as he talked to her.  Once again I couldn’t understand what was being said but I sensed that he was pleading for me.

My boy: “Its not right mom.  It wasn’t Millie’s fault that she couldn’t get outside to use the bathroom.”  Pause. “I don’t know why dad hates her so much. “

Big Bag Lady remained quiet and thoughtful for a moment before saying: Ok Bobby, let her loose.  I don’t know how yet, but I will deal with your father.

Dear Diary,                                                     6/11

My boy is holding me in his lap in the pickup truck as we are driving out in the country somewhere.  I don’t know where we are going.  No one is speaking and my boy is crying quietly so Truck Man won’t yell at him. 

My boy suddenly breaks the silence.   I can’t understand the words but I can feel the tension in the air and I know everyone is sad.

My boy: “Momma please don’t make me leave her.”
Big Bag Lady: “Honey, I told you that we can’t take Millie with us.  My sister is allergic to dog fur. “
My boy: “Please Momma.  Lets go somewhere else then.  Please don’t make me leave her.”

Big Bag Lady: “Honey, we aren’t just leaving her.  Remember we are taking her to a man who raises hunting dogs.  He has a lot of friends and promised to find a good home for her. “

Truck Man: “Bobby, its time you stop your whining.  We can’t take your dog with us.  End of story!”     

My boy begins quietly crying again.  I feel so bad for him.  I wish I knew what was happening and if there was anything I could do to make everything better.   

A little bit later we pull up to an old farmhouse that looks like it is about to fall down.   I recall thinking surely no one would live here.  As we get out of the truck I can hear a lot of dogs barking from the behind the house.   

We all stood around the truck for a few minutes before my boy said something about maybe no one being home.   About that same time the front door to the falling house opens and a very tall and old looking man comes out. He lights a cigarette as he walks up to us.

Everything happened so fast the next few minutes that I couldn’t keep up with it all.  I do recall Truck Man began talking to Cigarette Man and my boy started crying hard again.  Big Bag Lady knelt down in front of my boy and started whispering in his ear. 

I couldn’t understand the words but I somehow knew that it had to do with me.  “Everything is going to be ok.  He is going to take good care of her.  She will soon have a very good home with another little boy that is going to play with her and teach her new tricks.  She is going to be fine.“ 

Before I could grasp all this Truck Man came over and took my leash from my boy’s hand and handed it to Cigarette Man.   He then yelled for my boy to get into the truck.  I suddenly became very scared and started barking for my boy and tried to run back to the truck but Cigarette Man had a good grasp on my leash and I didn’t make it very far.  Truck Man saw this and apologized to Cigarette Man before saying: “Come on honey, let’s go.”   

I then stood and watched as my boy disappeared in the dust as the truck drove back down the road.  I barked and barked for my boy to come back.  Please don’t leave me here.  Please come back and get me.  I will be a good dog, I promise.   Please boy.  Come back!!! 

   Dear Diary                                               6/13 (Partial)

    Cigarette Man was holding what I later learned was a water hose over the side of the cage and was filling our water bowls.  I was so happy to see water that I started to run up to the bowls and get some.  Lucy must have sensed what I was about to do for she put her head down in front of me and gently pushed me back up inside the doghouse.  Standing in the door I looked around the cage and saw that all of the other big dogs were now cowering around the back of the cage and I could hear a couple of them trying to squeeze in behind the doghouse.  

I was just starting to get curious as to what was going on when Cigarette Man yelled something about bath time.  I looked up at him just in time to catch a full blast of water spray in my face.  Before I could react water sprayed all over me and the inside of the doghouse drenching everything.  I turned sideways trying to get out of the spray but it was strong enough to knock me over.  I got back up and was just about to look for a place to hide when Lucy bolted in front of the door to the doghouse and stood there preventing the water stream from hitting me anymore.  I heard Cigarette Man laughing as he continued trying to spray the other dogs outside. He was yelling: “Come on you filthy beast.  Bath time.”

I sat there shivering cold and wet as I heard the other dogs barking and whimpering trying to hide from the water spray.  I was scared of all of those dogs but at that moment in time I felt very sorry for each of them as I continued to hear the water spray hitting the doghouse and the other dogs yelping and whimpering while trying to get away from it.  I turned and was looking at Lucy still standing in the door when I saw one of the big dogs charging at full speed towards the fence where Cigarette Man was standing.

Everything from that second on happened so fast that most of it remains a blur.

I do recall it being Bubba charging the fence where Cigarette Man was standing with the water hose and it seemed at the very last second Bubba jumped up hitting the fence with his full force causing a loud crashing sound and knocking Cigarette Man backwards.  Cigarette Man turned and released the water hose before dropping down to his knees. He then fell down on the muddy ground and lay there unmoving while Bubba jumped back down still inside the cage.  He landed on the water bowls knocking them over. 
Dear Diary                                           6/15 (Partial)

    Scott: “Oh my GOD.  It’s a female Boerboel and she is covered in blood.”
I then hear shuffling and the sound of something being pulled… Oh lord.  She’s dead too… Boss, it looks like half of her side has been ripped out and maybe eaten…  She is covered in a lot of scars…  She may have been a fighting dog as well...  Wait a minute she has a collar on.”  More sounds as Scott turns the collar over to look at it.   “It says Lucy.”

A few seconds later I realize that my back leg is free and I move it.  My movement causes a little noise. 

Scott: “Hey Boss, I think I just heard something under this doghouse. “ I then hear more shuffling and scooting.  “There is something under here.“  Scott continued.
Boss:  “Hey Earl, can you come help Scott move this doghouse?  He thinks there may be another one under it.”

Jeff: “Sure Boss.”

I hear more footsteps and then some men grunting. 

Scott:  “Dang, this things heavy.“
Jeff:  “Be careful.  We don’t want to scare or hurt whatever is hiding under there.”

More grunting and sliding noises and then I can suddenly see light.

Lady Boss:  “Oh my gosh... You poor thing.”

I look up and as my one good eye adjusts to the light I see what looks like four or five people standing over and looking down at me. 

Boss:  “Pam!  Please come over here.  Looks like we have a small Dachshund.  It is still alive but in pretty bad shape.  It looks like it may be missing an eye!”

I feel gentle hands picking me up and then things around me begin to fade.